(Most recent projects/prints at the bottom)
3D Benchy (blue)
3D Benchy (wood)
3D Benchy (silver)
3D Benchy (glow & cork)
Velocity Painting
Fidget spinners
Bear puzzle
Self-watering planter
3D Hubs
Toy train
Example 1
Example 2
Christmas ornaments
Howl's Moving Castle
3D Benchy (Blue)
We the Rosies
Filament sample chips
Filament sample chips
Filament (Red)
Filament sample chips
AirPods dock
Mario desk organizer
Wedding dinner name plates
Business Expo booth
Motorized turntable (for scanning humans)
Factorem Bona Logo
Apple Watch band stand
3D Benchys
Bottle with screw top
Puzzle cube
Nuts and bolts
Mr. Monkey (from Kubo and the Two Strings)
iPhone SE case
Night Fox (from Ocean's 12)
Spinning top (from Inception) and rubber duck (flexible material)
Fidget spinner
TD building complex
Modular drawers
Mario desk organizer (colour)
Office signs
"Do Not Touch" office sign
"Back Soon" office sign
Low-poly "The Thinker"
Puzzle cube
Coasters (Etsy)
Chain mail/fabric (1 colour)
Custom Arduino mount
Vase (2 colour)
LED ring light (assembled)
LED ring light (inside)
Chain mail/fabric (2 colours)
Coasters (made with coffee and beer filament)
Tentacle phone stand
Knurled container (gold)
Chain mail/fabric (5 colours)
Coaster (rubber filament)
Trivia Club trophy
Knurled container (white with logo)
Enamel pin board